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Turkish Delight “Lokum”

Chef in disguise

For many, the words Turkish Delight conjure up images from the chronicles of Narnia. For me, they conjure up fond childhood memories of my late grandmother. You see, my grandmother was particularly fond of Turkish delight. Her favorite was mastic and rosewater flavored ones. Whenever she came to visit, dad would have a box of Turkish delight ready for her. He would order them from Syria weeks in advance. I know it sounds like a contradiction, Turkish candy coming from Syria but before this raging war tore Syria apart, it was the destination for the best cotton, arabic sweets and fruits in the Levant. The best Turkish delight candy came from Syria. So did the finest baklava, burma and other famous arabic sweets.

Back then the Turkish delight (called raha in Arabic “راحة” which is the same Arabic word for comfort by the way ) was plain white. No food coloring…

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Brilliant Life Lessons From Anthony Bourdin



Plate Inspiration

Meta Mint

Here is a recent collaboration with beautiful ceramics from Dasa’s Pottery.

The good thing about hand-made dishes is that they are not like blank canvas, but they already have a story, so you need to keep with it when you fill them up. These were great, as I usually start thinking about the dish when I already have a recipe.

This time the dishes were the source of inspiration, each one found their perfect meal spring meal: Terracota clay with soft blue glaze found place for grilled mushrooms with wild garlic and pancetta, colourful first leaves salad just fit in big beige bowl and milk panna cotta with honey and bee pollen.



Mushrooms with Wild Garlic and Pancetta


First spring salad


Milk Panna Cotta with Honey & Bee Pollen



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5 Smart Ways to Use Cornmeal — Pantry Tips from The Kitchn


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We know and love cornmeal as the foundation for soft, buttery cornbread, but don’t let that be the only way you use it. This is one versatile pantry staple that’s capable of quite a lot. From breakfast to dinner to dessert, here are five ways to cook and bake with cornmeal.



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